Why Pre-School is important for a child before starting to School?

Proven Scientific theories state that a child starts to learn from the womb itself. A Child can listen, grasp and respond to its mom and dad’s speech and caress. So, the natural instinct of learning is built in the child when it is crawled in the womb. It is considered that the first 3 years of a child is very crucial as this point an infant first identifies his or her parents, environment, the first cry, crawling, standing, walking, and a first talk. Later on, it understands what the other people is talking and it responds to them as the stimuli occupied in their brain stimulate them.

Then why a pre-school is important for a child?
Before this question, an associate question arises, that “why a child really wants to go to school?” the answer is simple yet meaningful. “Only a sculpture can sculpt a statue!!!” A perspective and standard way of learning the new things happens only through a school scenario. When a child comes to a best preschool, like us RyanJo Preschool in Bangalore, the environment and the learning methods attract both the parents and the child as the parents are entrusted with us.

It is us, who understand a child’s capability, potential and interest that the child access and we constantly monitor them. Now, coming to the point, why a pre-school is very important to a child before her starting to a school? A child really deserves to put in the learning atmosphere, where she meet her likeminded, same age group children, mingle with them and learns to adapt to the new environment. The abundant potential that a child possess since its birth is brought to light and put under a learning table, where she develop her cognitive skills, become responsive and develop communication. An exposure city like Bangalore, where multi lingual, multi cultured, and multi state people are mingled, that a child in this situation highly grow with multi talented.

Why Pre-School is important for a child before starting to School?

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