Tips to select the best preschool

Wow! It is a perfect question for a perfect parent. So, directly coming to the point how to select the best preschool? A mother or a father always wanted to give the best for their child that prevails anywhere in the world. Of course, it is the best parenting!!! When it comes to education as it going to lay a strong foundation in the child in terms of knowledge, skills, values and discipline, the parents will go in a deep search. They will ask their friends, peers, neighbors and some would go still further in surfing through net and comes out with a book full of suggestions. Are these suggestions going to help out? These suggestions come from their own perceptions and experience; one person’s experience is not necessarily going to suit the other person. 

We RyanJo Preschool, is a topmost preschool in Bangalore, would like you to give the following tips to find out the best school.

Environment: so, whenever you step into the school, we suggest you to look as a child. How a child would look a new place? How it observes the new environment? What are all the thoughts that pop into the child’s mind. So, first of all, the school environment must be welcoming, child-friendly and ensures safety. The classroom, the play area, washroom facilities, everything have to be taken into consideration.

Parent – Teacher Rapport:  A child going to spend almost half of the day with their teachers only. So, it is mandatory to have a good parent – teacher rapport. A teacher or a management must be freely approachable at any time. As the parents are entrusted with the management, Ryanjo Preschool provide one-one-parents teachers meet periodically as the child’s assessment can be monitored both at school and at home. This will build a good career setup for the child.

Learning Methods and Co-curricular: So, you see a child should not stop or restrict himself/herself by learning a particular thing, say, academic. But he/she has to know and learn many things. As we insist, the academic, sports and arts come hand in hand and it is important to be multi-talented personality as the child has to meet out the competitive world. But the essence is how those are inculcated in the child. Should a child be forced to learn under robust condition? Definitely not. We at Ryanjo Preschool always prefer to be child friendly and export the learning methods in a fun-filled way. A child has to enjoy the learning and that should not imparted out of compulsion.

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