Roles of parents in child development

Be the both; Nurture Parent and Structure Parent!!!

Isn’t that tough to handle the tiny tots? No! it’s simple when we enter into their shoes and think from their side. A toddler starts to explore many things in his or her age of 3. The urge of wanting something keep them to be firmer and that leads them to be more aggressive and adamant. Here starts how to build up their character. The question comes in front of you that are you going to be a complimenting parent or complaining parent? Thus, the role of a nurturing parent with a balance becomes so vital in building a child’s behaviour. The parent has to play dual roles and be balanced of handling both the roles i.e., nurture and structure.

How to balance the Nurture parenting and Structure parenting:

A child when living in nurture parenting environment feel himself or herself proud and gain self – confidence. They feel worthy to be what they are and live in a safe and trust environment. Appreciation and applause keep them to be confident and assertive. They feel that their words are listened and responded. They trust their parents and always wear a smile on their face and be cheerful. They also learn to “give back to” the others the same love, care as they learn from their parents’ behaviour. A child will always look upon his/her parents’ habitual behaviour and not by their mere advices. So, be the one whom your child wanted to be. But too much of love and compassion leads to over protective and that may lead your kids to fail in taking their own decision.

Under such situation the child fails to learn the skills say life skills, as you are too much involved in their life and the fear of loss or failure haunt them throughout their life. That may be even more sick as the too much love does not turn into a nightmare. On the other hand, being emotionally distant, not involved with the kids may lead them to be emotionally sick as they feel they are not loved or they are not cared by the parent. This thought is also too dangerous. So, in the balance of parenting, equal amount of nurture and structure parenting is so important.

Ryan Jo Preschool always join with the parents in taking care of child’s growth.  Like the high cities, Bangalore, both the parents may work and does not find time to spend with their kids. However, the following tips are useful to handle their little champs, which are to be continued in the next blog. Stay Tuned!!!!

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