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Every child has a different personality, & those personalities need to be nurtured in a positive way

1. Music and Play:

Who doesn’t like music and play? When the music and play is combined with academics the results will be inevitable. Energizing and enthusiastic music, rhymes, learning colors and shapes through music will always stay in the child’s mind. Some children enjoy in playing instruments and some may enjoy in singing and the others are attracted towards dancing. Identifying the child interest and making them to choose on their own will develop their art skills.

Freedom to choose, learn and practice a child will find joy and fun. Music is all the way has its own culture and tradition. The child will learn the history of music, its techniques and create a magic. Music such as Carnatic, western, Hindustani and many contemporary music style are there and the child can select on own interest.

2. Dance

Dance is the best way to express one’s feeling, emotion, message and what not. There are different types of Dances which is evolved from time to time. Therefore, a child has many types of dances like classical (that differs from state to state), western, Zumba, bale, hip-hop and many styles.

A child will able to learn physical balancing and mental focus. Dance keep the body more flexible. Importance of Guru and respect for his dedication to this art is inculcated in the child as he or she would definitely be self-disciplined and self-focused.

3. Sports

Indoor sports like, chess, carom – board, table- tennis, problem- solving games and outdoor games like cricket, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, etc. are the choices available. While the indoor games develop their intelligence and integrity the outdoor games develop their team spirit and coordination.

The child’s mind will work on how to lay strategy for the sports and develop the winning confidence in him or her. Sports create competitive spirit though.

4. Painting and Sketching

Painting and sketching are the silent poetry. Colors and paints create a magic and it is a feast to the eyes of the viewers. We encourage the budding artist and create their own ideas.

Your child will get to know creativity and her cognitive skills are well accompanied by creative things. Painting and sketching get them focused.

5. Book Club

Book club where wide variety of fun-filled and story books where the little learners read, explore and socialize. This will help them to generate healthy discussions.

Lot of things can be achieved from a book. A book is a cooked meal which is always ready to eat. All that you should have a space to fill knowledge feast. Reading books help them to develop their vocabulary and writing skills.

6. Cooking Class

As we are the topmost preschool, we will not leave any of the extra-curricular activities that a child could never miss. Cooking is an art where the child’s multi-tasking skills are built. Cooking is not only an art but is considered to be the essential part in everyone’s life. It gives self-confidence and make the child to stand on his/her own leg. Cooking skills make the child to be independent beside developing to be professional.

We ensure the child safety on the other hand, we also teach how to handle the sharp knives, how to handle the crisis situation, and to meet out the contingencies. Basically, learning here is given more importance as a child comes to know what a healthy life is, what are all the sources available in the market for cooking, how to blend different taste, and how to grab innovative ideas.

7. Drama Club

When any new things to be learned, it is very easy to do when it is enacted as a drama or skit. The young talent of tiny tots are given proper training with fun-filled concepts and stories that will develop artistic, public speaking skills and mainly eradicate the stage fear. Socialising is the main concept because an independent child can face the whole world without any fear. The Drama club build social skills and acting skills in the children as this competitive world require not only the intelligent and smart candidates but also the multi – talented personalities.

Holiday Camps

Always the children – the young minded want to explore something new. It may be new colours, food, or new places. good set of interesting, extra – curricular activities making the best use of the child’s time gives him/her a meaningful pursuit in the holiday season. offers holiday camps for children from 2 years to 10 years. For more information or list of activities planned for a holiday camp, please contact us.

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