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What are the advantages of learning from Ryan Jo School?

Of the many advantages of learning from Ryan Jo School includes:

  • * Flexible and accessible learning
  • * Customized learning as per the learner’s need
  • * Counselling at various levels with all the associated personnel
  • * Learning in a comfortable home environment
  • * 21st-century skill development through courses
  • * international curriculum for the national framework

1.How is Ryanjo School different?

Ryan Jo is designed and curated to provide solutions to all the learning and teaching woes. Ryan Jo School is an online school that means that learners get access to their devices and are not required to go and attend classes physically. The school is learner-cantered, learner-friendly, and completely safe for all students.

2.What is the vision of the Ryanjo School?

The vision of Ryanjo School is to create a learner-friendly school that ensures and provides world-class quality of learning & teaching, motivating learners to excel in academics, career, interpersonal relationships, and life and develop into individuals who are willing, able and matured to contribute towards sustainable development of self, others, society, and world.

3.What are the core elements?

Ryan Jo School works on the foundation to impart seven core elements- Communication, Concept, Clarity, Application, Innovation, and Compassion, among the learners.

4.How are core elements imparted?

The core elements are taught at all levels of the curriculum. Specific strategies and methodologies are used to infuse these core values in students.

5.What is customized learning?

Customized learning is defined as learning that is tailored to the learner's needs. Every child receives education and learning that is specifically tailored to them in the case of custom-made learning.

6.What subjects are taught in kindergarten?

The subjects offered at kindergarten level are play-based. And apart from core academic subjects like English, Math, Science, and Physical Education, and there are subjects like learning about myself, learning through play, learning through arts, and wellness.

7.What is skill-based subjects? How are they different from other subjects?

Skill-based subjects to those whose foremost goal is to develop and enhance specific skills in learners based on their age and psychological development level.

8.What are the strategies of Ryan Jo School for educating to slow learners?

For Slow Learners, the school provides self-paced learning concepts. The school also facilitates these learners by providing extra support, Extra Class, and Extra Attention.

9.What are the co-curricular and extracurricular activities provided in the school? How are they conducted?

Art and Music are usually integrated throughout the Ryan Jo curriculum. In elementary grade, they are taught as subjective but in other school, they are referred to as skill-based subjects.

10.What are the environmental initiatives by the school?

The Ryan Jo School promotes environmental initiatives including- save trees- refuse paper, minimal use of toxic printing, pollution, saving electricity, safe environment, etc.

11.How are these initiatives conducted?

Ryan Jo School works in an association with the green world keeps a clean world Foundation, which is the leading organization working for sustainable development of the environment. The digitized learning at Ryan Jo School works in the digital medium, which reduces the use of paper, transportation expenses, and provides safe and governed learning.

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