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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy and the Terms of Ryan Jo Preschool Bangalore intends to state that it ensure the confidentiality and safety of the children and the parents’ entrustment.

Ryan Jo Preschool collects, keep records of and create database for the children and their parents all details including their contact details and personal details only for the school welfare and development and shall not disclose it to the third parties with or without the consent of the parents.

We collect all the personal information during admission filling process, signed consents and correspondence between the parents or guardians and the management and are kept under highly secured locker system.

We ensure that the parents and the guardians who share the information are kept under safe and secure under our locker systems. We also make sure that we shall gain the trust of the parents and the guardians and also build a confidence among them to create a best education system to their children.

We met out all the requirements that are pertaining to the Children Education and Welfare Act, enforced by the court of Law, and shall abide by the rules enforced. All correspondence either oral or writing to the parents or guardians about their children’ academic and behavioral assessment is not leaked by any means to the third parties.

We shall gather all private information of the children as the family member, their parents, family life and shall share to the agencies or the concerned department only when the need arises on “need to know” or “right to information” basis with the consent of parents or guardians or without their consent only on the situation arises on safeguarding the children from any form of danger or harassment or physical damage or for their career and character building.

We shall impose the right to gather all the information including the parents or guardians income only for the welfare of the school development.

We shall records all the academic activity of the children and keep as an evidence to prove at the time of requirements such as assessment, one to one parent teacher meeting, departmental records and records of a child’s achievement.

We follow the fee structure as designed and advised by the Government and shall advise the parents or the guardians to adhere to the rules that are framed which mutually benefit the parents or guardians and the management.

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