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Dear Parents

You always entrusted and our goal is also meeting your requirements and achieving our commitments. Our dedicated and caressing teachers always start the day at school with something new and exciting learning methodologies for your kids. A kid is fulfilled when it comes to know what’s new today and tomorrow. Learning process is that every day is a new day and new skills are inculcated in the child. So, our school shall redo your home environment and the children are always in the safe hands. The best preschool around Bangalore, shall keep up the promise and lets your child enjoy the virtual class experience even during the online classes and in the physical schooling.

  • * One-to-one teaching and instructions
  • * Meeting the nation & international standards
  • * Constantly analyzing and monitoring the child progress
  • * Adding Fuel to the child’s questions’ thirst
  • * Assessment of child’s behavior and enhancing his/her growth
  • * One-on-one meeting with parents
  • * Often outdoor classroom interventions

I. Nursery - Age: 2 Year 6 Months

The Nursery Program is Suitable for Children 2.5 Years Onwards.

Everyone has the right to dream. The dream starts when the child goes through interesting, informative and fun filled learning experience. We are the best playschool among the others, who handle different methods in building a child’s strong base for his future endeavors.


  • 1.Thematic learning – theme-based learning by conceptualizing a module that perfectly goes well with the child’ learning speed.
  • 2.Play-way method – Children are attracted towards colorful rhymes, music, art and play activities.
  • 3.Self – Directed Activity – Children are encouraged to learn by themselves, by introducing new learning methods its completely activity cum fun filled learning.
  • 4.3H method – it’s an interesting methodology where the head, heart and hands are collaborated to visualize thinking, feeling and doing through a curriculum that connects the academic, art and play.
  • 5.Language building – A child can learn 5 languages and can speak fluently at this age.
  • 6.Team skills – A child always love a company. A team of children make the environment cheerful. We build team spirit in the child at this age as they can cope up and get involved in team building thereby inculcating values of sharing and caring.
  • Age: 2 Year 6 Months
    Student Teacher Ratio: 1:8
    Session Timings: 1:10 Hours

II. KINDERGARTEN – K1 (LKG) - 3 Year 6 Months to 4 year 6 months

Introduction of something new with smart classes and virtual visualization attract the children to learn easily. Discovering the new ideas, learning the letters in innovative ways like gaming method, enhances fast learning. In this curriculum, introduction of math knowledge by making them to identify the qualitative and quantitative aptitudes. Their tiny fingers also started to write the letters and numbers. Social interaction is taught by cultivating the good values and developing their behavioral traits.


  • 1.Play-way Method – Children are encouraged to start writing themselves, reciting stories by enacting a play, dancing activities.
  • 2.Nurturing – rather competitive, nurturing and supportive method build self confidence in the child.
  • 3.Skill Developing – Social skills, motor skills and cognitive skills like collaborating brain functions like thinking, learning, reading, writing, remembering and taking decisions.
  • 4.Sports – sports make the child to realize, “don’t afraid to be a failure. Get up and chase the success” this is what we teach our kids.
  • Age: 3 Year 6 Months to 4 year 6 months
    Student Teacher Ratio: 1:8
    Session Timings: 1:20 Hours

III. KINDERGARTEN – K2 (UKG) - Age: 4 Year 6 Months to 5 year 6 months

The child will able to identify the letter and numbers and are able to read two-word and three-word. Introduction of English Grammar -words using vowels and Consonants, by providing smart classes with approved international standards. We are the best pre-schools around Bangalore who always concerned in developing their communication skills, social interaction skills, cognitive skills through a curriculum that associate both the academics and art. The skills that they grasp is wide enough to uplift them to Grade 1, and able to understand the complex subjects. Our UKG educational program meets the prerequisites of CBSE and ICSE.


  • 1.LRW – Improving their learning, writing and reading skills, in the form of story – telling, enacting a play, learn through dancing and activity -type writing to identify the words and numbers
  • 2.Mathematical Concept – Identifying the numbers, understanding the qualitative and quantitative concepts, teaching mathematical skills that effectively develop cognitive skills in the child
  • 3.Language skills – Teaching complex language skills, that will fasten the brain development of the child, by using interactive methods, live concepts through small innovative assignments that help the child to build social skills.
  • 4.Public Speaking - Ryan Jo preschool focuses a great deal on public speaking and instilling a propensity among children to react well to questions asked by loved ones. We accentuation a ton in front of an audience exercises, Mike time, circle time exercises, picture talk and shows to ad lib the propensity for public talking in a child.
  • 5.Sports – Sports and extra- curricular activities build more confidence in the child and build them as a multi – talented person in the society. This may break their barriers to learn new things, it enables them to accept the failure as it is and make them optimist.
  • Age:4 Year 6 Months to 5 year 6 months
    Student Teacher Ratio: 1:8
    Session Timings: 1:20 Hours

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