How to handle the little champs?


Building a child career, imparting and inculcating them the knowledge, good behavior and creating values is said to be a 20-year-old project. You know, interestingly, our little buds have no boundaries for their imagination and exploration at this age. Their imagination and creativity are reflected in their wall scribblings, drawings and paintings wherever they find the places are empty. they fill creative thoughts and make them colorful in all the empty places. At this age there start a gap between the toddlers and the parents in terms of their behavior. Some tantrum behaviors of them make the parents to get pissed off. There comes the vital role of day care preschools and playschools those bridge the gap between the toddlers and the well behavior.

Ryan Jo Preshool curriculum boosts their behavioral traits by offering many extra-curricular activities. Along with the curriculum, here are some of the tips to handle the little champs.

No rules – it’s not a military camp: Kids learn by watching the adults, parents and the friends. Be sure you are the role model to your kids. If you are imposing rules, do not be eccentric and do keep in mind that mere warnings would let you go undermine yourself. For example: when you are instructing your kid to go bed earlier but you watch TV till late night, lead a bad example. So, if you enforce something, the first thing you have to do is be stick to it. You will see your kid would follow the same as they learn by watching you.

Distract your kid: Its common that a kid will be adamant towards any play object or dangerous toys that is not applicable to their age. In this time, you have to learn to say “no” calmly and move them to the other places that will distract them. The best playschool in India or anywhere in the world would never recommend to yell or slap or hit the child for their adamant behavior as in this age they are totally indifferent between their activities and physical punishment.

Throwing tantrums: The toddlers are very limited in their knowledge of expressing their views. This would result in frustrations and agitation as their communication is inadequate because of their partial past experience. In this age it is common in throwing tantrums on parents or the others. They do just to attract their attention towards them. How to avoid such tantrums? Be sure that you are rewarding your kid for their small achievements. This will develop their positivity.

Make them to take decision: The kids are anguished to no matter things like, if they are not able to fix the building blocks or dress up a doll. They either throw them to show the anger or trouble the parents to satisfy their sufferings. It’s another version of gaining attention. To make them get rid of such act, you can motivate them to take small decisions. For example: do you want to play or sketch the barbie doll – so the kid can think by collecting its past experience and come to a decision. Encourage them whatever decision they made by themselves that will create leadership quality in them.

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